For The Love of Indian Boys Part V

The heated bodies and breaths of young Indian boys crowd around me to watch my hand's labor. I try keeping my curious eyes from staring at their bare, sun-darkened bodies to give full attention to the task. It's difficult, especially when one Indian boy at my side touches me. His warm hands rest on my thigh. Funny sensations shoot into my stomach from it. The good feelings delay getting my toy wound up for them.

When the long string is tightly wrapped around the wooden ring, I stand up and motion the crowd of boys to give me some room. My hand pulls on the string while my other hand holds the base. Wooden blades spin rapidly as it soars away from us. The Indian boys shout out their amazement at its flight. They race to where it's falling over the tall grass.

I become fearful at the racing boys and join them in retrieving my wooden flyer. I'm not worried that a boy would steal it. Their feet in haste may step down and break it.

Running at my side is the small boy who had touched me. I glance at him and become struck by his dark eyes. They hold me with such a mysterious power that I slow my pace to face him. The other boys go on to fetch the fallen flyer for me.

The boy at my side is a few years younger than myself. His dark eyes peer into mine deeply and makes me feel strange. I take in his tanned face while envying his long hair and dark body. My own hair is blond and short because my mother often sits me on the porch to cut its length off with scissors. Indian folk allow their children to wear it long. I watch his dark eyes studying me. I wonder what he sees in me or if he even likes me.

Laughter brings me out of the youth's spell. An older boy hands my wooden flyer to me with a smile. I glance down at his dark body covered with hanging cloths. Beneath the back cloth is a nicely shaped rear end. His front cloth hides his penis well enough. The boy notices where my naughty eyes fall on him and he gives me a big grin. I'm embarrassed by his wicked-looking eyes. I turn to the youth at my side.

His dark, deep eyes try to bind my eyes to him again. I cast them down at his naked body instead. Below a smooth groin is the boy's brown pole. It's wrapped in a thick skin and is slightly erect. He's still a young boy because of his lack of body hair. Dark hairs have been sprouting over my body since last year. A terribly aching has come with my maturity. Being with these boys has made my loneliness go away.

'Little Deep Eyes,' which I'll name him, smiles at my curious glances. He reaches up for the toy in my hands. I'm caught in his spell and offer no resistance. His soft hands take it gently from me. The other boys look at him with great envy showing on their dark faces.

The young boy begins wrapping the thin cord around the ring rather loosely. I shake my head from knowing that the loose winding will go badly for its flight. I keep silent and wait. When he's finished wrapping the cord, the other boys step back. Little Deep Eyes pulls hard on the string. My toy flies upward only a little ways. It sends the shouting boys running to fetch it.

Little Deep Eyes turns to me after watching its fall. He shrugs his small shoulders and sighs. I take back the stick and long string from his reluctant hands. Turning from him, I wait for the Indian boys to run back. In that time, I recall how this amazing thing had come to me.

My father had gifted me a toy instead of the knife I had asked for. Though fine clothes were given me from mother, it was this wooden flyer that had filled me with such excitement! He had purchased it from a trader of hard goods who was passing through town last month.

A copper bed warmer was gifted to mother though it wasn't her birthday. She had hugged my father and said that he was all the warmth she needed! I giggled when they started kissing and all that stuff. I ran outside to play with my new toy alone. Now, I share it with my
Indian friends who are as amazed by it as I am.

The older boy has returned it to me again. His face reveals the hope of my allowing him to fly it. I frown upon his desire because I'd seen him steal it way from a younger boy who had found it. I hand my toy to this younger one. His dark eyes shine. I help him attach the bladed ring
around the stick. He looks to me for more help to get it ready to fly.

I begin by winding the center ring with string tightly. The youth simply holds the flyer while my hands work over his. Once the cord is wound there, the young boy gestures for the others to give him space. His hands pull on it hard as all eyes look up at its fantastic flight.

The boys giggle and shout out in wonder. They race again to where it will drop. This time, they don't run back to me but bring it to that youth instead. He had kept the stick and string and holds the power over making it fly again.

My attention returns to my companion who's been staying close at my side. Little Deep Eyes sits down on the bank of a small river. I join him. His hands come to rest on my thigh again. I feel the urge to touch him back yet nearby are some old women washing clothes in the stream. They've been watching us as they talk. I feel guilty for some reason. I turn from the little boy to watch his friends.

The older boy has taken control of my flyer. He's learned how to wind its string tightly and his flights are high and long lasting. The younger boys chase after it for him. I enjoy watching their naked bodies at play.

I wonder at what age an Indian boy is given a breechclout to wear? The older boy appears to be about my age. All the younger boys are naked. I look over their bodies for signs of maturity. They have small poles and bear no groin hair. I can't check out the older boy because he wears the flaps.

I've always worn clothes. It's shameful for anyone to run around naked as these boys do. I could never invite any of them back to my father's farm! Ma would probably chase them away with her broom. My being here is a kind of freedom for me. These boys are my only friends to play with.

After a long while, the Indian boys return. The oldest boy hands my flyer back to me with a wicked grin. Some of the youths sit close and bring their noses to my new clothes. They sniff the bright cloth and touch its softness with dirty hands. My eyes return to my young friend
beside me.

We peer deeply into each other. His dark face is so mysterious... beautiful! I feel my penis rising up in my pants. Surrounded by boys all around me, I feel trapped from not being able to hide the bulge in
my pants.

I'm startled by a strong hand gripping my shoulder from behind me. I turn to view the intruder. It's an old warrior. He smiles kindly at me and releases his hold. I rise up to greet the Indian man and to study him. Like the boys, he wears only a breechclout on these hot summer days. Around his neck are many necklaces of white beads. Several eagle feathers are stuck in his black hair. My nervousness leaves me when I hear the old man speak words that I can understand.

"Yaah-te-hay, Tom-mee. Come to play our land, eh? No whites often come. That good. You boy visit boys hearts not hating. That good! Come me show to my tribe?"

I ponder over the man's broken words and think through its meaning. The warrior wants to show me around his tribe! I've often been told to stay away from the Indians because of past wars and deep hatred. These Indian boys were always friendly to me and played at this stream outside of their settlement. I must now decide whether or not to disobey my parents and go with this warrior as he asks. It's an easy decision, really.

"I will go with you but only for a short while," I reply.

The old man nods his head in understanding. He walks past the women washing in the stream who wave to him. The boys crowd around me when I follow the man. Their smiling faces cheer me up. I'm glad that they're coming along as I go to meet the other Indians. My parents have often spoken of Indian atrocities which now frightens me in rememberance.

We follow the river and come upon their settlement. It's busy with the activities of women tending fires, cooking, and sitting on mats while performing different tasks. The braves and warriors seem scarce here. Those who are present look upon me with guarded glances. I welcome the old warrior's closeness with his long arm across my shoulders. Under his care, I'm taken deeper into his tribal camp where there are more of his People.

They live in earth mounds. Sticks and logs brace the mud bricked structures. A single doorway leads down into each one. No windows. From their small size, I suppose a single family inhabits each one. I count dozens of earth mounds.

Two young men angrily approach with one reaching out to strike me! They grin at my show of fear. The old warrior speaks sharp words. They back off to smile wickedly and to stare at me. I've heard that scalps are still taken in this time of peace. Wouldn't my parent be mad if I were to lose some hair here!

We leave the two braves to their guarded whisperings and come before two old women sitting before an earth mound. Their cracked faces smile at me while their bright eyes study my form from head to toe. One aged hand comes to my face and gently brushes her bony fingers across my cheeks and hair. My warrior friend utters a few words. The women answer in their sing-song whines. It seems that I'm the first white that they have ever seen.

The boys play and shout around us as I'm brought to a small earthern lodge. Formed of dried mud bricks and prairie grasses, its shambly form stands lower than the others. The old warrior enters. He gestures for me to come down as well. I slowly follow him into the darkness. Why has he brought me down here?

The dirt floor is lower than the ground and it's noticeably cooler inside. All around me are objects. There are corked jugs, long wooden poles, blankets, rope, and other piled things. I can't keep from wondering at why the warrior brings me into this storage shed. He seems kind so I'm sure that no harm will come to me.

The warrior fetches a scrap of elk skin from a gunny sack. His eyes measure my form and quickly cuts up two long pieces with his knife. On the floor near him are pieces of leather thong. He brings up a length and cuts it in his agile hands.

"Tom-mee... off," the warrior asks.

The man gestures something about my new clothes. His hand reaches out to my pants and undoes a button. With a sweeping motion with his other hand, I gather that he wants me to undress. I glance back at the doorway. We're alone down here so I become alarmed by what this man intends with me.

"Take breechclout gift," says the warrior. "Play our land as good Absaroka, not hated white!"

I'm relieved by the warrior's words and eagerly take the cloths and thong that he hands me. With them, I'll look like a real Indian! He gestures again for me to take my clothes off. I lift off my new shirt and pause from dropping my pants. He senses my modesty when he goes to the doorway to shoo the curious boys away.

Very reluctantly, I take off my new jeans. The old warrior turns to face me. He eyes every part of my pale body. My nakedness makes him grin for some reason. I bring the thong belt around my waist. I quickly cover my loins with one cloth and hang the longer one against my butt. I look up sheepishly at the warrior. Behind him, spying on me from the doorway is Little Deep Eyes. He must have been watching my undressing. I'm thrilled by the boy's interest.

After carefully folding my clothing around the wooden toy, the man grasps both of my shoulders. He smiles fiercely with blackened teeth and speaks some Indian words that I don't rightly understand. He removes one string of white beads from himself and brings it around my
neck. Our bare chests come together. Deep feelings shoot into my stomach when we share this gentle moment of hugging.

"Tom-mee, welcome our land!" he announces. "Wear beads, no man bad to you. Go play our land with good heart!"

I feel the warrior's hand reach under my rear flap to pinch me. He's smiling. His hand lingers over my nakedness a bit longer than I'd like.
It doesn't make me afraid; only a little embarrassed by his bold handling.

I slowly break from his embrace. The warrior turns for the dirt steps. I follow him up. My naughty eyes fall to his flapping rear cloth over his butt. His skin beneath it is pale. I feel a rising from my groin. I hope that my front cloth will hide my growing length. No one must know of my strange feelings that I've kept hidden deep inside me.

Little Deep Eyes meets us above. He speaks a few excited words, taking my hand to lead me somewhere at a run. My skin feels cool under the scanty cloths. We pass Indians and many earth mounds. I look over the boy's nude body browned by the summer sun. He isn't even wearing what little I am and doesn't seem to mind his revealing appearance.

After a long run, we sprint down a hill towards the river. Six Indian boys are playing in it. All naked. Even the oldest boy with the wicked grin goes about uncovered to escape the afternoon heat. He waves to us from the water.

Little Deep Eyes fingers the knot in my thong belt. His eyes peer deeply into mine. He wants me to get naked and join his friends in the river. I look around for any adults. My bundle of birthday clothing and toy is carefully placed on the bank. I look around once more before
nodding for the young boy's eager hands to undress me.

My two cloths fall from my waist to the ground at my feet. Naked before the boy, he stares at my groin. His dark eyes widen. He seems amazed by my dark hair or the way my penis looks. His hand reaches out to touch it. I become embarrassed when he handles this most naked part of my body!

I just stand there and allow the small boy to handle me. His gentle fingers rub over my swelling member. I look past him at the river and feel relieved that his naughty act goes unnoticed by the other boys. They're too busy playing.

My pole quickly erects in the boy's hand. His dick sticks up against his brown belly. I look at its strangeness. Brown in color, his dick is very long but skinny like my thumb. Tucked within its thick skin is the red knob of his penis. I curiously reach down and peel the skin back to free it.

The boy's eyes shine. I stare into his dark eyes while enjoying his thrilling handling below. My fingers pull on his erection. I'm struck by the comforting notion that Little Deep Eyes shares those same feelings I've always felt for boys.

I'm startled by an older boy's approach. I pull my hand away from Little Deep Eyes and step away. The older boy glances over our revealing excitement and gives me a wicked grin. It's a difficult humiliation for me to bear. The little boy turns from us to jump into the river. I'm quick to follow him in.

The cool water comes up to my chest. The Indian boys swim in this part of the river because of its depth. Down river, where the women were washing, the water was too shallow.

Mud squishes between my toes and a few stones bruise my unknowing feet. Yet the river is very clear. I sit under the water to wash my hair. My hands quickly move down to my face to wash my sweat away. I hold my breath and clean the rest of my body. The cold river is refreshing.

I surface near Little Deep Eyes. He stares at me in surprise. Don't Indian boys know about cleaning themselves? The other boys swim to us and shout. A game is beginning.

A little boy springs up from under the water and slaps my shoulder hard. He shouts something to the other boys. Everyone darts away from me. Even Little Deep Eyes. I realize that it's a game of tag. When I chase after the little boy who had slapped me, he turns to me in surprise and shakes his head. I suppose that there's some rule that prevents the tagger from being tagged himself right away.

I pursue another youth who's easily caught. My hand slaps over his rear end while I shout, "you're it!" Though my words aren't in Indian, all here understand what I mean. I stand by him close, unafraid of being tagged back.

During the game, I often become the target for getting tagged. The Indian boys are curious at my pale body and enjoy hunting me down to handle me. I welcome their naughty grabs after I've given them a long run through the water.

The older boy with the wicked grin always chases me. He grabs my dick and he especially likes to feel over my butt. Only after a long chase with his hands all over me will the boy finally announce, "ne-eh!" We play this game for a while before coming out to rest on
the grassy bank.

Like many of the boys here, I lay sprawled out on my belly with my butt aimed towards the warm sun. Little Deep Eyes sits close by. I reach a hand to my back to rub over a strained muscle. I startle some when a pair of small hands massage my shoulders. It's my young friend.
I welcome the boy's hands over my body. He handles my hurting back until the pain goes away. I rest my head on crossed arms and completely relax to his wonderful caresses.

A heavy softness presses over my rear end. I turn my head to see what's going on. It's Little Deep Eyes who sits on my butt. His hands massage my back. His wiggly softness on top feels good and allows him to easily handle me.

With our butts touching, I begin moaning when his fingers pull on my shoulders and neck. My pole grows long below me. It remains hidden in the soft grass from the others. Boys start to watch us with curious stares. It causes me some embarrassment. I remind myself that we're all naked here. I bury my face in my arms to ignore their peering dark eyes.

I giggle when Little Deep Eyes pulls on the wet hairs under my arms. His fingers reach lower to feel over my breast. The sensation is very nice. I get the strong desire to beat off. My dick is very hard and begs me to be handling it. I promise myself to release it later on.

After a long massage, Little Deep Eyes lays over my back to rest. I'm tickled by his nose pressing into my neck. I keep my face buried in my crossed arms. The little boy is excited and slowly rubs himself between the cheeks of my butt. I can't believe the boldness of this youth! Yet I'm enjoying the naked feeling of his body over mine.

The young boy gets off me in a squeal. An even heavier softness sits over my butt. I turn my head to see what's going on. Another boy is laying over my back. He mouths my neck with fierce kisses. It's the older boy who tries to take my body.

I feel the boy's hard dick rubbing between my butt cheeks. Quick, seeking stabs... I feel its wet tip try entering my butthole. Pain! My eyes widen from the very naughty act he's trying on me. Great anger rises in my breast. I roll over the grassy bank to separate us. He won't have his way with me!

The older boy falls off my body with a loud shout. Little Deep Eyes comes to my side. We watch the angry boy pick himself up. He vents his anger at my young friend. The brute shoves him to the ground. While laughing, he points at the boy's hard pole. I glance at the older boy's erection and realize something. He thought that I was giving the little boy the use of my butthole.

The wicked-smiling boy grabs my arm. I become angry at his forceful ways and push him away. He falls hard to the ground next to a laughing youth. All the boys look at me in surprise.

I help Little Deep Eyes to stand beside me. His trembling hands hold my body in fear. The older boy keeps his place while glaring meanly at us. I return his fierce stare and wait. Seeing that he has no fight left in him, I fetch my Indian flaps and tie them around my body. I'm glad there's not going to be a battle between us.

I take my friend away from here. We follow the grassy bank with our arms across each other's shoulders. The Indian boy smiles at me with his fears forgotten. I'm glad to have him as my friend. I feel a deep thing for him, almost like the love for a younger brother. Different though. Are these feelings for a boy a good and normal thing?

After we've walked a ways, Little Deep Eyes brings his hand down from my shoulders to feel over my backside under the rear flap. I glance at his penis and find it sticking up. Popped out of the skin is a moist pink head. He glances at my erection then peers into my eyes with deep longing. I turn to the boy and take him into my arms. His warm body presses against mine.

Our eyes stare into one another for a long, sweet moment. I'm confused by my strong feelings. It's much more than the need to be releasing my dick. I see my strange desires reflected in this boy's dark eyes. A deep, intense look. I had seen this same expression earlier when he had sat next to me.

The boy brings his face close to my face. His dark eyes study all of my features. What does he see in me? I'm startled when his lips press on my own. I step back feeling real scared for some reason!

Little Deep Eyes wants me back in his embrace. I slowly reach my arms around him. His hands pull my thong belt away to bare my body. Our bellies touch. Below, I feel his erection pressing over my hard dick. He begins rubbing himself against me.

I glance down to see the boy's red knob popping out from his dick with each thrust. His erotic motion sends deep feelings of pleasure into my penis. I drop my hands to his wiggly butt in a rush, eager to join into his belly rubbing.

We pull on our rear ends with hungry hands. Our erections rub with an exciting up and down rhythm. His warm breaths blow over me gently. I've been trying to avoid his eyes.

The Indian boy begins making low noises. It almost sounds like he's in pain. I've noticed that I've been keeping my breaths in me. The good feelings are getting stronger in my erection. Our tight embrace feels real intense. It's strange to be wanting this boy naked in my arms. Our rubbing poles is nice. My heart feels the need for it.

I pull hard on his butt skin to rub our groins harshly together. My breath is held in me. My stomach tightens. Exciting thrills build in my long penis. Our bodies become one with thrusting poles and humping butts.

The little boy cries out. Nothing is felt against my belly. I glance down at our rubbing dicks. No wet release from his. The youth must be too young to have anything to squirt from his dick. I know that it still feels intense to try.

Little Deep Eyes moans again. I bring my eyes up to his. He looks deeply into me and holds my gaze. Our faces get closer. He reaches up to me with his soft lips. My feelings of love cast aside any sense of wrongness that I'd felt earlier. We kiss. The sensation is wonderful... Our lips cling to each other. My eyes close from the intense feelings.

My pole tingles in warning. I thrust out my sperm onto the little boy. He takes it all from me while slapping my butt hard with his hands. Intense pleasure! Too soon, my loins run out of stuff to give him.

I blow out my held breath into his mouth. This makes him giggle. Our bodies separate. I gulp in breaths of fresh air. Little Deep Eyes giggles again. He watches me with his dark, curious eyes. I give him a smile. My body needs a little time to recover from making love to him.

Little Deep Eyes reaches down for my two flaps and thong belt. He places them around his thin body. I giggle at how large the breechclout is around him. My hands bare the youth since his beauty shouldn't be covered! I have need to cover up my nakedness.

When my breaths return to normal, I lead the young boy back to the others. We hold hands and often glance at each other with smiles. Our close friendship has become deep in our hearts. I know that it isn't wrong. A soft wind blows over our nakedness and clothes us from harm. My spirit is high. I'm glad to be alive and so full of good feelings!

We near the Indian camp on the river. Since I'm naked, I lead Little Deep Eyes down the bank to fetch my clothing. All the boys have left. I glance back at my friend and notice my manly wetting still on him. He jumps into the river to clean his body.

Little Deep Eyes waves to me from the water. I shake my head in reply to his desire. The day is getting late. Ma is probably worrying about me since I've missed lunch. I'm relieved to find my toy and clothes on the bank where I've left them. The youth joins me on the bank.

I quickly dress back into my clothing. The small boy gives me a sad face. He realizes that I must be leaving. His eyes fall to my wooden flyer. Strange emotions grip my heart when I lift my best present up to him and place it into his hands. His eyes grow wide when I gesture that he's to keep it. He accepts my toy with bright eyes. I smile to myself in rememberance of his own special gift of self.

I'll be back again some time to play with my Indian friends, especially with Little Deep Eyes!

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