For The Love of Indian Boys End

A cool wind blew over the boy, awakening him. His small body felt stiff over the river stone. He rose up and sought out the warmth of Father Sun. Long since allen from His sky and about to sleep, the youth realized. He saw the orange glow of His blanket in the west.

His vivid dream returned to him. A powerful vision that helped to explain troubling things to the youth. Answers to why that young brave's butt had taken his boy seeds into it and why his warrior friend wouldn't embrace their love in his tipi. Here was his dream.

The boy saw three youths that looked exactly like himself. One approached to hold him. It was a wonderful hug of warmth and deep love of self. He knew that this was Heart Boy. In his ear was whispered, "all human beings need love. I love myself. My warrior friend loves me. Yet he doesn't have to prove it with his dick."

Father Sun's golden hand touched Heart Boy and made him become one with the boy. The second look-alike youth approached. He was naked. In his hand was the boy's erection. His loins were on fire. A quick handling soon released his boy seeds. He cried out, "my lust is squirted from me!"

He too became a part of the boy. Only one youth remained. He was fully clothed in a breechclout, leggings and moccasins. Wisdom was plainly seen on his face. He spoke. "I am your third self. You have seen your heart and your lust. I am your head that asks 'why?' Listen to yourself!"

The boy's vision had ended there. He watched the fading glow in the west for a long while before allowing himself to think again. The effect was calming, like a mother's lullaby. The stars became less shy in night's sky. Grandfather Moon grew in brilliance. He listened to the boy's words and smiled.

"Grandfather, you witnessed the first seeds spilt from my loins," the boy whispered. "A young brave sat in my lap and had me squirt some into his butt. Not for love. Only for lust's pleasure. My warrior friend loves me. He didn't take me into his tipi to embrace it. I think that I know why."

Grandfather Moon smiled. He watched a little boy growing up.

"Our hearts wanted each other," explained the boy. "My warrior friend was proud when I told him that my loins could wet boy seeds. Yet he's a man that has lust for only the squaws. He wouldn't allow me to naked embrace him. That young brave enjoyed our body's joining only for lust. Not Love. How I wish that I could find a nice man who would both love me and have desire for what my body could offer him!"

The boy stood on the river stone. At his feet, the trickling stream giggled at him. Wind touched his shivering body. He ran into camp to find his warrior friend. His heart ached to be held in that man's warm arms once more.

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